X11 Status:

  Hashrate: 782.69 MH/s
   Active Miners: 93

SHA256 Status:

  Hashrate: 20,796.58 GH/s
   Active Miners: 92

Scrypt Status:

  Hashrate: 229.63 MH/s
   Active Miners: 52

Welcome to the new xpool multipool! - 01/02/2015

The new multipool is now fully functional and better than ever! We heard your wishes and now offer multiple payout currencies, manual and vardiff stratum ports, individual worker support, detailed account statistics and pretty graphs! Your old statistics are still available and there will still be payout from that system to be processed Monday and perhaps Tuesday and Wednesday depending on block maturity and exchanging. You can access the old site at legacy.xpool.ca and legacy.bitcoindark.ca. While you can continue to mine without changing a thing, it is recommended that you update your stratum ports with the new ones as the old ones may not always be re-directed not to mention if you have big ASIC devices, they may behave better on the fixed/manual ports. Payouts are already occuring but we're still getting used to the nuances of the different payout & exchanging process so there is no set schedule as of yet. DRK, since it is minable, any X11 miners with payouts in DRK will get their DRK shares from found blocks delivered daily while the other coins are exchanged and paid out when completed.

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