X11 Status:

  Hashrate: 1.01 MH/s
   Active Miners: 1

SHA256 Status:

  Hashrate: 169.51 GH/s
   Active Miners: 2

Scrypt Status:

  Hashrate: 0.00 H/s
   Active Miners: 0

Pool Details
  • No registration. Use a wallet address as a username
  • Automatically exchanges mining rewards to the currency of your username address
  • Auto convert is disableable for currencies you want to keep
  • Seamless merge mining
  • 2% fee on profit-switching port, 1% fee otherwise
  • No payout transaction fees
  • Miners keep block transaction fees
  • Currency conversion fees are passed along to miner
  • Vardiff enabled + manual difficulty selection available
  • Daily payouts - Very low minimum balance
  • PPLNS payout

Current Payout Currencies

  • Darkcoin (DRK)
  • Fibrecoin (FIBRE)
  • BitcoinDark (BTCD)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Quick start for mining:

    No registration required, payouts go to the address used as username.

    Note: Username MUST be a valid address for a currency we payout in, listed here

    1. Configure your stratum client with the information below and start mining:

      Algo: sha256
      URL: stratum+tcp://mine.xpool.ca
      Port: 1111   All ports & algos:
      Username: [Your wallet address].[Worker Name]
      Password: x
      View all config options:

    2. Check your stats and estimated payout by entering your Payout address below:
    3. If your stats are still blank after a few minutes double check your config
    4. NOT MANDATORY! Configure your account on your user stats page. Set addresses for currencies you don't want to be exchanged, add a donation to the pool, etc