xpool - A multipool paying miners in Bitcoin, BitcoinDark, Dash, Fibre, BitStar & NXT!

Welcome to xpool multipool!

We are changing the face of crypto mining! xpool multipool gives miners the choice to mine SHA256, SCRYPT as well as X11 coins and get paid out in multiple currencies. This allows you to make use of your legacy ASIC equipment to earn any of our payout coins which you would otherwise not be able to. Our systems are designed with the latest technology providing a stable and fast mining system.

Incorporated into our backend, we search and calculate the ideal coin to mine to maximize profitability. All coins mined are exchanged and used to buy your desired currency. Once all the coins have been converted into your payout currency, all miners are sent their share. Detailed user statistic helps you keep track of your mining efforts!

Pool Details

  • No registration. Use a wallet address as a username
  • Automatically exchanges to the currency of your work address
  • Exchanged balances paid out Mon/Wed/Fri
  • Mined coins paid out several times a day.
  • Seamless merge mining
  • 2% fee
  • Miners keep block transaction fees
  • Currency conversion fees are passed along to miner
  • Vardiff enabled + manual difficulty selection available
  • PPLNS payout
  • Min Payouts are listed in our FAQ

Supported Payout Currencies

  • Fibrecoin (FIBRE)
  • BitcoinDark (BTCD)
  • Bitstar (BITS)
  • NXT (NXT)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Quick start for mining:

    No registration required, payouts go to the address used as username.

    Note: Username MUST be a valid address for a currency we payout in, listed here

    1. Configure your stratum client with the information below and start mining:

      Algo: sha256
      URL: stratum+tcp://mine.xpool.ca
      Port: 1111   All ports & algos:
      Username: [Your wallet address].[Worker Name]
      Password: x
      View all config options:

    2. Check your stats and estimated payout by entering your Payout address below:
    3. If your stats are still blank after a few minutes double check your config
    4. NOT MANDATORY! Configure your account on your user stats page. Set addresses for currencies you don't want to be exchanged, add a donation to the pool, etc
    Step 1. Pick which diff type you want. Big ASIC devices should choose Fixed. For fixed, the diff listed is the minimum so define that or anything higher.
    Step 2. Pick a port
    Pick a diff type above to view available ports

     FIX Ports

    x11 ports:

    sha256 ports:

    scrypt ports:

     VAR Ports

    x11 ports:

    sha256 ports:

    scrypt ports:

    Step 3. Set a username
    Pick a currency that we pay out in
    Insert a valid BTCD address Checking address validity Invalid address The server had an error attempting to validate! Valid address
    Step 4. Configure your first worker (optional settings)
    Alphanumeric characters only
    Only 'sticks' on fixed diff ports!
    Step 5. Configure your miner
    URL: Select region above
    Port: Select port above
    Username: Fill in username above
    Password: x
    Commandline example: ./sgminer -o stratum+tcp://Select region above:Select port above -u Fill in username above -p x -I 13
    Step 6. Make sure your hashrate shows up

    Stats link: http://www.xpool.ca/stats/[Your Payout Address]

    After a few minutes of mining your stats page should be showing a graph and hashrate for your miners. If it isn't, double check your configs.

    Step 7. Edit your account settings

    Settings link: http://www.xpool.ca/settings/[Your Payout Address]

    More configuration of your account is available on your account settings page. Including:
    • Setting additional payout addresses (this is required in order to collect some merged mining rewards!)
    • Add a donation to the pool
    • Enable privacy (hides your address on the leaderboard)