251.74 GH

 7 sha256 coins  6 miners

51.53 MH

 6 x11 coins  6 miners

Welcome to the Fibre Multipool by xPool!

T his pool is the largest and first Fibre Multipool which gives miners the choice to mine SHA256, SCRYPT as well as X11 coins to earn Fibre. This allow you to make use of your legacy ASIC equipment to earn Fibre which you would otherwise not be able to. Our systems are designed with the latest technology providing a stable and fast mining system. Incorporated into our backend, we search and calculate the ideal coin to mine to maximize profitability. All coins mined during a shift are exchanged and used to buy Fibre. Once all the coins have been converted into Fibre, all miners are sent their share of the Fibre.

Check out our Get Started page for our quick and easy configuration details.

Pool Features

  • Fibre Payouts!
  • 2.5% fee
  • PROP Based Reward Structure
  • 3 Algos to mine: SHA256, SCRYPT & X11
  • Mobile Friendly
  • No stratum disconnects on coin switch
  • No registration. Simply mine with your Fibre address
  • Detailed Shift Statistics
  • VARDIFF adjusted stratum ports
  • Datacenter level DDoS protection

Pool Hashrate